March 18th, 2013  |  Published in site news

PSA time. A while back, my comment spam filtering went down, and I was flooded with, you guessed it, comment spam. In retaliation, I shut down comments. Now that I’m more active on the site again, I have gone back to allowing comments on posts, sort of. Comments will be open for ninety days. Of course, if it gets to be too much work, I might just shut it down again, which reminds me of that song: Istanbul/Constantinople/Istanbul/Constantinople/etc.

In other news, I plan on doing some organization and clean-up of my non fiction writing so that you will be able to pick the brain of my past iterations. Also, my son would like you to know that getting new teeth while sick is not fun, and he does not recommend it. That is all (that I can remember, it’s been a rough day).

Update 1:31pm – I just went through and added an rss widget that will show the five most recent stories I’ve shared from my various readings (once I get Newsblur properly set up, that is). Also, I went ahead and added some tag links (under My Thoughts On:) that should make it easier to access some of my past rants. Both of these are on the widget bar to your right, underneath the featured stories (which I need to make into a rotating link image thing, but that’s a project for another day, Gunnar just woke up).

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