Where To Start

You may be looking at the list of stories below and asking yourself where to begin. Without actually having a conversation with you, it is very difficult to give a specific recommendation. That being said, I can point you towards some of my favorites. Drones is one of the first stories I put up here, but it is still one of my favorites and if you like dystopian SF, it’s a great place to start. If fantasy is more your thing, you should check out Broken Shores (it’s on a dedicated site, but it’s still me, don’t worry) a series of short stories that might best be described as post-apocalyptic fantasy in a secondary world (not Earth). If you want dark humor, give Try Not To Panic a shot (it’s not free, but if you like the excerpt it’s worth it). All of that being said, everything here is a short story or flash fiction, so you can always pick one and go from there. Enjoy!

Series Fiction

  • Broken ShoresThe floating island of Ansau was created nearly 500 years ago to escape the Ve Cataclysm, since then it has drifted with the ocean currents in relative isolation, until now. A new series of short stories.
  • HorizonFor Ava, Remi, and Vance, life on Habitat Station sucks. But when they discover an abandoned space station drifting in space, their luck just might change.
  • SoapboxA serialized dystopian near future science fiction story that follows the events of Uprising. Currently in hiatus.

One Shot Fiction

  • Caldera – What hope does any one person have against the divine? Caldera is the story of one man’s struggle against the god who betrayed him and the journey that will force him to rethink everything he thought he knew. 
  • The Revolution Will Not Be MicrowavedWhen strange things begin to happen at the Future Shoppe where Sam works, he finds himself on a mission to home office to figure out what went wrong. When he and his friends arrive, they will find something stranger than any of them could have imagined. Please note that this is only an excerpt, you can purchase the full story at Smashwords or Amazon.
  • Try Not To PanicA darkly comic story about peering into the abyss–as it has been described on a 3″x5″ notepad. Please note that this is only an excerpt, you can purchase the full story at Smashwords or Amazon.
  • The Press –  In the city that lives and breathes magic, something has gone wrong. Strange explosions have killed many, people have fallen into comas with no cause evident, and longstanding enchantments have begun to fail for no detectable reason. The authorities have no leads, and now it is up to Independent Investigator David Ramsey to discover the cause of the problems and, if he can, stop them. Please note that this is only an excerpt, you can purchase the full story at Smashwords or Amazon.
  • DronesThere were rumors about companies that paid a lot, whose Drones were nearly indistinguishable from people, companies that ran everything from the brothels to the casinos to organized crime, at least insofar as those endeavors were still distinguishable from one another. Nothing so elaborate for the clerks at Six-to-Midnight, though, just your basic retail software package.
  • Supervillain – A short story that I wrote for the second Machine of Death anthology (but that they didn’t buy, so you get it here!) about a woman whose roommate gets his prediction and it reads: SUPERVILLAIN.
  • SuccessionTwenty years after the Supers started showing up, the world is a mess. Progress has stagnated and the global powers are locked in a struggle over dwindling resources. When Ashley Zeno joined the Department of Super Persons, she hoped that she could make a difference. Unfortunately, she has found it to be nothing more than a pointless bureaucracy. Now, she is in a position to make choices that will determine not only her own future, but perhaps that of the entire world.
  • Just Lucky, I GuessSet in the same world as Succession, this story looks at what it would be like to discover that you were supernaturally lucky, that everything you believed you had worked for you had actually just lucked into. More fun than it sounds, really. Published in issue 33 of Crossed Genres.
  • I Guarantee – A fantasy short story that I wrote for a writing challenge, then forgot to submit.
  • UprisingA single scene set in the future about an anti-war protest gone wrong. When I wrote this, I had hoped to build it into a larger story, but so far have not been able to. Maybe one day.
  • Penguin ColonyA flash story about a colony of Magellan penguins struggling for its independence.
  • Slavepunk: A Steampunk ParodyA brief, and possibly funny, parody of the steampunk genre.
  • Bob: Employee of the FutureA piece of flash fiction about the effect of zombie labor in the workplace that I wrote for a contest for Escape Pod a couple of years ago.  Even though it didn’t win, I had a great time writing it, and thought that you might have a good time reading it.