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On Friday I read an article about John Robb about how the use of drones is changing the realities of warfare. Although it was an excellent read (if a bit depressing, especially in context), I now feel that I have to write more in the Uprising setting, which may slow down my other projects a bit. In any case, I’ve posted the first scene of the second part of Uprising (working title: Soapbox). Keep in mind that it is completely unedited (I wrote it about twenty minutes ago), the final version will be more polished.

Ethan knew he was exposed, dangerously so, standing in the plaza surrounded by others doing the same, his peripheral vision full of drones hanging in the space between the buildings. At the same time, looking at the man standing on top of the long-empty newspaper box, Ethan was transfixed. The man was normal looking, wearing a long sleeved thermal against the chill and his breath hanging in front of his stubbly face.

The man had been speaking for the better part of an hour, drawing an increasing number of drones like flies to a wounded animal. “We no longer live in a democracy! Welcome to the Corporate States of America: of the many, by the few, for the few! We must rise up, take to the streets, take back our country!”

With those words, the spell was broken for Ethan. He turned to run, but it was too late. There was a sound like a bottle rocket whistling through the air, then a sound so loud that his ears registered only static and a concussive wave that knocked him forward onto his stomach. He caught himself with his hands against the rough pavement.

It was as though the blast had knocked his consciousness out of his body. He couldn’t hear anything and the pain in his hands and knees felt like they were happening to someone else. He picked himself up and started running again, shielded by numbness and silence.

It may seem a bit dark, and it is (we are in a bit of a dark time, after all), but I assure you that there will be hope at the end of this segment, just give it a few weeks. I’ll post more scenes as I finish them. Hopefully one every day or two until I am finished. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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